raw food update: day 5

It is day 5 and I am still going strong.

Every meal since last Thursday has been completely raw vegan, save for a meal I had at a conference on Friday for lunch. The only reason I did not eat the raw lunch that I'd brought for myself was the fact that I'd previously asked for a gluten free meal during registration and they had a box with my name on it. I felt too guilty letting it go to waste! Luckily, the next day of the conference I was able to stick to my cleanse pretty easily.

As planned, breakfast has consisted of smoothies. My favorite (pictured here) contains dates, cacao, protein powder, super-food blend, celery, wheat-grass, frozen bananas, homemade almond milk, and hazelnuts. It's been really, really good to me.

Snacking is something that I enjoy and planned a lot for in expectation that I'd be too hungry to make it to my next meal, however, I've found that I have comfortably easily been able to make it from meal to meal. When I do snack, I have enjoyed raw nuts, banana chips, or celery with raw almond butter.

Aside from these meals, I have enjoyed experimenting with raw recipes. One of the best so far- hands down- are the raw tacos I just ate for lunch (pictured below). The protein of the taco consisted of cashews, pistachios, and sunflower seeds coarsely ground and seasoned like "taco meat". I then made a salsa with tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, and a little carrot. After assembling these fillings into kale soft taco shells, I topped them with avocado, green onion, lime juice, and nutritional yeast. omg. I'll let you sit with that for a sec and wipe the drool from your face.

Raw Tacos (not pictured: Kale taco wraps)

This morning, I made an additional treat for myself. I do not have a juicer, but practiced making green juice with my food processor. It turned out great and I have been sipping on it all day. I consider it a detox blend as it contains mostly ginger and green leafy veggies. Speaking of detox- I didn't notice too many severe detoxification symptoms but did experience a little nausea, a small headache, and some stomach cramping over the last few days. I've been a little fatigued as well but am getting over a cold that I've had since vacation last week. As far as poop goes (can't talk about a cleanse without poop!), today is the first day my bowels have returned to a normal frequency of 2 times per day. Each cleanse day prior I have had a movement EVERY time I went to the bathroom to pee. I can tell that my body is really cleansing from the inside out. The other thing that I just began noticing today was that my urine was bright, neon yellow. It does not look like I am dehydrated (I drink lots of water) but seems to be related to the influx in B vitamins that I'm ingesting (says Dr. Google).

Things I'd like to see change: My prep time for meals. I have been spending more time than expected selecting and chopping veggies//fruits for meals. This week I want to look at meal prepping to try and reduce my time in the kitchen.

Things I am pleasantly surprised by: My skin feels softer and my body overall feels much lighter. Not only this but I look forward to my meals. It is as if I can feel each of my cells rejoicing when I plan and eat my next meal. Something like this:

I'll take this as a sign that I am on the right track and that this cleanse came at the right time.

Much Love.

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