golden egg

November 28, 2006


I am the river flowing

constantly transforming, reshaping


I rest on a foundation that will forever remain the same

I am an untold story

written and rewritten throughout time


the scratches and scrapes gained trying to erase past mistakes

have begun telling their own account

I am the bluebird

nested high

at the trees peak

not because Im trying to outfly the rest


I simply found beauty in seeing the world from a different view

I am the hurricane, the tornado, the earthquake, the tsunami

content, comfortable,

yet influential, unpredictable

I pick my battles infrequently

I remain unforgettable

Confidence is not something I picked up on the way home

Peace of mind did not come in the mail today

My life experience didnt come

giftwrapped and delivered

on May 20th or December 25th

I have developed into the true essence of Me

No room for arrogance

I dont believe that Im fault-less

I have learned to accept them and love me

I feel as though I can lay golden eggs...

I am humble in my being blessed with the gifts that I possess

Despite the fact that there are many

Veruca Salts in the world.


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